Flowers Delivery Price's in Daugavpils

The flower delivery company will be happy to deliver your flower shipments not only in Daugavpils, but also in Daugavpils district. Below are the costs for flower delivery in specific cities, districts:

(If you want to send a gift that does not contain flowers, you will automatically be charged an additional fee - 10.00 EUR).

Flower delivery Daugavpils
€ 0.00
Flower delivery Daugavpils, Križi
€ 3.00
Flower delivery Ilūkste
€ 10.00
Flower delivery Krāslava
€ 5.00
Flower delivery Medumu pagasts
€ 17.00
Flower delivery Naujenes pagasts
€ 10.00
Flower delivery Šēderes pagasts
€ 17.00
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